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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nerves of steel...abs of, well, not steel.

   Anyone who has followed my posts and photos or who sees me on a regular basis can tell you that I have gone through a massive physical transformation.  However, I have only posted photos of me with clothing on, hiding the still embarrassing state of my stomach and abs.  That is going to change.  This certainly will not be an easy post for me, considering my natural tendency is to HIDE my stomach.
    My pregnancy gave me a wonderful gift, in that I was blessed with a beautiful son and daughter. I would not trade motherhood for anything.  But my pregnancy also left me with something else, something I am not very fond of.
    When I got pregnant, I was already pretty overweight at 250 pounds. During the course of the eight months I gained another forty-five pounds, which was actually right where the doctor wanted me.  Then I went to what would be my final pre-natal appointment, feeling that something was wrong before I even went in.  The swelling that had plagued me the entire pregnancy just about doubled the day before that appointment.  When I stepped on the scale at the doctors, I had gained about 12 pounds in a little under a week, putting my weight gain at 57 pounds total. The weirdest concentration of fluid was actually at the bottom of my belly, creating what would become the apron that I have now.
    It was little surprise that I was diagnosed with pre eclampsia.  I was sent right away to USA Children's and Women's.  Originally the plan was to induce me, starting that night.  However, my health necessitated a different route.  My blood pressure continued to rise, despite the large amount of magnesium sulfate they gave me, and then my kidneys had trouble functioning.  It was at that point that they decided we would have to do an emergency c-section.  While I do not regret the surgery, it too contributed to the current state of my stomach.
     To give you an idea of why things look the way they do, here is a photo of me at about 32 weeks, about three weeks before I delivered.  I actually got bigger than this, if you can believe it!

     So , after my pregnancy, and weight gain, and everything, my stomach was left looking less than pretty.  I had, and still have, an apron of fluid and skin that actually extends to my hips.  Despite all the weight I have lost, it has yet to go away.  If anything, it actually has grown worse.  On top of that, I have a "mommy pooch" from the pregnancy and c-section that is being less than cooperative.

  The next photos are back from when I started. It's hard to believe how big I was!
260 pounds, size 24/26

   These are the most current photos of me at the 168 pound mark.  Same sports bra, by the way!  It's hard to believe how different I look now, from how I looked then.  Almost embarrassing really.  But I am so proud to see how far I have come in what really is a short amount of time.  I still have a long way to go, but it is wonderful to see my progress!

  These photos I took yesterday really show the apron.  Like I said, it's going to take a lot to correct it, but I think in the end it will be worth it.  

   So here it is.  My abs may not be rock hard, but my nerves certainly are!


  1. let me know when you figure out what gets rid of the apron/mama tire!

    1. Unfortunately it looks like the only thing will be surgery. I've talked to my GP and a surgeon about it, it's called an apronectomy, and mine will likely be paired with a tummy tuck. Apparently it is so bad my belly button is half an inch lower than where it should be!

  2. Poo :( (for me, not for you!!) I just have a really bad tire and I'm not done having kiddos